The Summary of Abdullah Al-Harariyy



136 Pages

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Book Abstract

The Summary of ^Abdullah al-Harariyy Ensuring the Personal Essential Knowledge of the Religion is a summary of most of the Obligatory

Knowledge every accountable person is obligated to know. This comprises the Obligatory Knowledge pertaining to beliefs, issues from Purification (Taharah), up to Pilgrimage (Hajj), and some rules of dealings according to the school (madhhab) of Imam ash-Shafi^iyy. The sins of the heart and other organs, such as the tongue, are also included.

The original book was written by the Hadramiyy jurist, ^Abdullah Ibn Husayn Ibn Tahir. Many precious issues were added to the book while what was mentioned about Sufism was omitted. Some sentences were changed while the subjects covered remained unaffected. In a few cases, the author mentioned what some Shafi^iyy scholars, like al-Bulqiniyy, preponderated to expose what was weak in the original book. One must pay due attention to this Obligatory Knowledge to have one’s deeds accepted.