Commentary on the Creed of An-Nasafiyy



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Book Abstract

Commentary on the Creed of An-Nasafiyy 

 It should be known that the Prophets brought a crystal clear message that they successfully used to confront society’s illnesses and to effectively cure them according to a common methodology. Allah sent Muhammad , who canceled detestable practices and introduced laws for the benefit of humankind. As for his Companions, they traveled by the light of his guidance during his lifetime and after his death, safe from the devil and his enticements. However, when the daylight of their presence faded, and the shadows of darkness fell, desires returned, innovations arose, and the clear wide path became narrow. Many people split their religion into factions, and the devil rose to the occasion, obscuring, deceiving, embellishing, dividing, and fabricating; for the devil’s deception occurs in the dark night of ignorance. If the dawn of knowledge rises, his deception is easily exposed. Thereafter, it is necessary to warn people about Satan’s cunning strategies by pointing out his traps because the exposure of evil is a warning against falling into it. 

This book was prepared to support the truth and warn people against tribulation spreading evil on the Earth, fearful of the plight this evil disseminated among many people.