The Clear Statement


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The Clear Statement
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Book Abstract

The famous and well-renowned scholar of his time, Ash-Shaykh ^Abdullah al-Harariyy spent his lifetime fighting injustice and spreading the correct belief of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah. In his famous book, The Summary, he covered the basics of the personal obligatory knowledge that every accountable person is required to know. The summary, whose words herein are in bold, are explained by two of his students, revealing the wealth of knowledge veiled behind the brevity of the original book. The two texts, both The Summary and its explanation, are merged, blending in a stylistic way to flow as one book.

The beginner student as well as the experienced teacher will benefit from this concise explanation as it offers the definitions, synonyms, and basic textual references to clarify the subject matters.