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It is safe to observe that, over the last few centuries, Muslims in general have forgotten a great deal of the knowledge and wisdom that once defined us. Consider, if you will, the long-ago days when Islamic knowledge seekers understood the importance of learning, had to exert great effort and time to travel in search of authentic teachings and could not afford to forget what they had received. In that world of foot travel and mouth-to-ear communication, the classical tradition of Islamic scholarship comprised a collective and very blessed combination of knowledge gathered, and knowledge disbursed. It was a process which relied as much upon remembering as it did upon learning. And so those who learned held tightly onto their knowledge and took care in applying it and teaching it to students, who did the same in their own lives and with their own students. And over the generations of keeping custody of the knowledge, there arose an era of events and people and sayings of Islam that surpassed any other knowledge system the world has ever witnessed. The many advancements in technology turned general knowledge gathering into something so quick and user-friendly that its value appeared to drop to dangerous levels of perversion and falsification of the religion.

We are in an era of speed. People expect to access credible and authentic reputable knowledge at the tips of their fingers. TAIBAH PUBLISHING undertook the endeavor to facilitate the spread of publications of the authentic knowledge of the Sunni school. For most people, who expect merely to turn to their electronic data sources for an instantaneous refresher whenever they feel the need to remember the authentic knowledge, we have made available works in Fiqh, Tawhid, Qur’anic interpretation and studies, prophetic studies, children’s books and magazines and other formats of beneficial knowledge. Yet we emphasize that the knowledge of the religion is not to be taken from texts alone but by studying them physically with religiously credible teachers.

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