Whereas bitcoin is comparable to fungible assets like money or gold, Azure Blockchain Tokens will come in many flavors, including non-fungible bonds, documents and tickets. Here, users will find that Olymp Trade has been a Category A member of The Financial Commission since 2016. Users can view Olymp Trade’s Certificate with the click of a button. To learn more about Olymp Trade’s amazing client support services here. If a client has a problem or question related to Olymp Trade’s products, they can contact Customer Support at any time of day or night. Clients can find their Client Agreement, legal documents, information about company policies, and more. Support may ask for basic contact information (mail, phone number), account number, the name of a payment method used, or some digits from the payment source number but never all of the numbers. There are a number of different things a support representative may ask, however, there are questions they will never ask, that should alert people of a possible scam. Scammers rather, invest just enough money to create a flashy visage that helps fool as many naive users as possible. But there is a big flaw as the users are charged $4 per lot on trading via ECN.

There are no tools or strategies that are profitable 100% of the time. There can be huge unexpected fees or even “taxes” to pay. Note that clients may still pay fees to their bank or payment processor, but the broker charges nothing for deposits & withdrawals. They have nothing to do with the platform they claim to be representing. Remember, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to trading, but sometimes all it takes is one strategy to help you out. You may want to try out all three to see which one is right for you as they all have their pros, cons and respective fanbases. If you have any doubts as to whether the service provided by Olymp Trade is real or fake, note that the broker is also certified by Verify My Trade. Scams like these are why people wonder whether Olymp Trade is real or fake. These accolades should help determine whether Olymp Trade is real or fake. Clients know Olymp Trade is real because this broker invests heavily in improving the user interface, the trading community, and analytical tools to provide the best trader experience possible. Otherwise, every trader would be rich. Olymp Trade representatives communicate with traders only through official social media channels or the platform support chat.

Find the Support button from the Help menu on the platform Customer Service chat to get answers to FAQs from the automated Knowledge Database or open a chat with an online consultant. You might find you like one over all the others in the process. If you’ve ever experimented with spreadsheets, then you know how technology can improve the budgeting process. Those who have been watching the company for the last several years know that Olymp Trade has made immense progress. Another way to know Olymp Trade is real is because the broker does not need to lure people into using their platform with grandiose promises. You can connect a mouse or even a full-sized USB keyboard for times when you need to do a lot of typing, although a few keys (such as Function keys) don’t play nicely with Android. Need more information? The platform makes it easy for you by providing the emails of the Financial Commission and the broker’s Customer Support. Shady companies avoid sharing important legal information and credentials. Seize the opportunity to grow with one of the world’s leading innovation companies and put your passion for excellence to work.

Scams also do not put much effort into maintaining their social media. For any and all information about the platform’s events, updates, and special offers, just subscribe and follow the official social media pages. In the Regulation section, clients can see the information around the company’s regulatory compliance. For $3.99, you can have GoSkyWatch Planetarium. Suppose you have USD 1,000 deposit. Secondly, click deposit and enter the given above promo code in the same. Imagine that the trade you opened is losing and the market continues to move in the opposite direction you intended. Recently celebrating its 7th anniversary with a big trading tournament, this platform continues to happily serve its clients. Olymp Trade is real, validated by its most recent awards in 2021; Best Investment Broker, and Best Mobile Trading Platform. These are the latest in a long line of awards. However, even though the world of option trading has definitely huge potential to let investors realize great returns from their investments, due to the risk factors involved in the scene, newbies must refrain from investing in this market unless they are sure of their abilities and option trading strategies.

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