The Reciter’s Need: Precious Jewels in Tajwid



150 Pages

Book Size: Executive (7 x 10 in)

Book Color: Standard Black & White

Cover Type: Matte


Book Abstract

The essence of this book is a precious jewel in the rules of tajwid (Ad-Durrun-Nadid Fi ‘Ahkami-t-Tajwid). Its simple arrangement is like a gift for the children (Tuhfatu-l ‘Atfal). Its details are decisive and precise (daqa’iq muhkamah), and it is reinforced by mastery (Al-‘Itqan). By that, the book is not merely a simple documentation of the rules of Tajwid, but a chest of knowledge, a glimmering diamond, and a true exhibition of the contribution transmitted from the Imams of Ahlus-Sunnah.