Collection of Goodness Vol.1



Book pages: 313 Pages

Book ize: Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm)

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Cover: Matte

Book Abstract

All proper praise is due to Allah. He created the human and taught him the bayan, and He sent His prophet, peace be upon him, with the guidance and the Qur’an. May Allah raise the rank of the prophet, the teacher, Muhammad ﷺ the son of ^Abdullah Al-Qurashiyy Al-Hashimiyy, the one who said in what at-Tirmidhiyy and others said, “Whoever follows a path seeking the knowledge, Allah facilitates for him a path to Paradise.”

We are pleased to gather in this book lessons that our Shaykh ^Abdullah al Harariyy gave, may Allah have mercy upon him, in different mosques and at different times. Part of the purpose of his endeavor was to spread the valuable knowledge so that a teacher would have the necessary resources to teach the public. This book will help the teacher become steadfast in that knowledge and, at the same time, will serve as a reference for the generations of the methodology of that exemplary scholar.