An Advice From The Heart To The Child



67 Pages

Book Size: Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm)

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Book Abstract

From the author: Thereafter, When I knew with certainty the honor of marriage and seeking children, I finished reciting the whole Qur’an, and asked Allah, the Exalted, to grant me ten children. He did grant them to me. They were five males and five females. Two females and four males died. From among the males, I still have my son Abul-Qasim. I asked Allah, the Exalted, to make him a good successor, and for him to achieve through the aspirations and successes.

Then I noticed that he experienced some laziness in seeking knowledge. Consequently, I wrote him this article urging him and moving him to follow my path in acquiring knowledge and guiding him to resort to the One Who creates success, the Exalted, while knowing that no one can let down the one whom He gives success, and no one guides the one whom He misguides.