Al Waraqat



Al Waraqat By Imam Al-Haramayn Al-Juwayniyy

Matn Al-Waraqat
30 Pages
Book Size: 7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm
Color: Black & White
Stitch: Saddle
Cover: Matte

Book Abstract

Al-Waraqat are introductory pages about the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence authored by Ash-Shaykh Imam and savant, the author of the beneficial books, Abul-Ma^ali ^Abdul-Malik Ibn ^Abdillah, famously known as Imam-ul-Haramayn. It is a booklet small in size but plentiful in knowledge, great in benefit, and obvious in blessings. It has been explained by groups of scholars, may Allah accept their deeds. There are scholars who discussed it at length, and others have summarized it. Among the best explanations is that of the scholar Al-Mahalliyy, for it is abundant with treasures and cases. For generations, students of knowledge have busied themselves with al-Mahalliyy’s explanation and benefitted greatly from it. This translation gives beginner students of knowledge a peek into the vast depths and brilliance of Islamic creed, jurisprudence, and scholarly practice.