A Short Biography of the PROPHET's LIFE


88 Pages

Book Size: Executive (7 x 10 in)

Book Color: Black & White

Cover Type: Matter



Book Abstract

This is a summary of the various aspects of the life of our Master and Prophet, the chosen one, Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, that none of the Muslims should be unaware of. Allah, the Exalted, purified him from the disgrace and impurity ot the jahiliyyah and from every defect, and granted him every beautitul manner to the extent that he was known among his people as al-‘Amin (the trustworthy) because of what they have seen of his trustworthiness, his honest speech, and his purity. May Allah grant us sincerity and benefit us in remembering his life, his lineage, his family, his companions, and how he lead his life.